With Mood, you can’t see the switch, but it’s right in front of you, on hand.Forget the times when you look for the switch along the cable of your lamp, usually hidden in a corner close to the wall.

Mood invites you to play with the light. By manipulating the object itself, you can adapt the light intensity to your own mood.
It is a table lamp, or even a bedside lamp, whose switching on and intensity of light is controlled thanks to this cover that can be manipulated and positioned as desired. 

To make it smoother and easier, the weight of the lamp, especialy its base, have been design to ensure that the cover can be manipulated by only one hand.Mood have a warm led light source to help create a pleasant atmosphere. 

I presented Mood during Lille World Design Capital 2020.France 3, french national and regional tv channel, dedicated a few tv spots to 10 selected projects, 11 portraits of designers located in the North of France.

Présentation de la Lampe Mood en avant-première pour l’entretien “Portrait de designer” diffusé sur France 3 Hauts-de-France à l’occasion de Lille Capitale Mondiale du Design de septembre à décembre 2020.

12 designers :
Melvin Bache
Antoine Gassion
Alain Gilles
Antoine Hourdain
Camille Khorram & Jean-Baptiste Ricatte
Franck Grossel
Quentin Vaulot
Noémie Lenancker
Gary Berche
Céline Scavennec
Adrien Ciejak

Réalisation : Hikari studio
Sélection des objets et designers : Le Comité de Lille World Design Capital
Le projet :
Programme :